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For Gun Permit

Your Roblox User: Cookiegirlfuncute

What is your Rank in the Roblox Group: "Immigrants"

Are you in a Gang ?: I'm currently not in one. I was in one but I left and took a break.

What is you're Ethnic ? (example:Afro-American, American, European, etc.): I'm Afro-American.

Why do you need the Gun Permit ? (2 Good Reasons): I would like to have a Gun Permit so I could have protection on me, my other reason is  learn to defend myself out their in the hood.

Roleplay Scenario

You and your family are at your home and you guys having fun but after a few mins you see on the news that people protesting "Black lives matter" around your area. After a few mins you hear a loud banging on your door and you managed to sneak out the window and you see 4 Black people. One of em Armed with a baseball bat. You have a Shotgun in your closed. How would you react ? (Min 40 Words): If I was at the door I would get my gun (Rp it) and just to make sure I would just point it holding the trigger, check threw the windows, I would open the door and if I see them trying to shoot as quick as possible I would let go of the trigger and make sure their all dead and start running. (Sounds like what a wimp would do but what ever)

You minding your own business just walking around and you saw someone around the corner knowing the person and you are 100% known that you will be jumped in a few seconds and you carry an legal Glock with you. How would you react (Min 30 Words): If I was a 100% sure they were going to jump me. I would quickly try to fight back but if I get too damaged I would quickly get my Glock out and aim right to them (Make sure to Rp the gun also) and pull the trigger. :)
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Frendamos Roleplay Owner
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